Outdoor Backpack


6D gaming mouse with 7-color lightings cycling in breathing mode;

USB port, PVC wire;


Cable Length: 1.5m;

Stroke Life: 3 million times;

Rated Voltage: 5V;

Rated Current: 100mA;

Size: 140*78*40mm

3color  Wired  keyboard with backlighting 

104Keys, Fn switch + 12 multimedia keys Function inside.

5  multimedia  function keys.

19 keys work tegether for gaming without breakthrough 

Surface Finished:Metal+ABS+Toner 6.size:470*285*40mm

Power Input: DC 5V 0.4A;

Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz;

Plug: USB+3.5mm; Double jack

Speaker: Φ40mm*32Ω;

Mic Sensitivity: -38±3dB

cable length 2.2M

Mic Impedance:≤2.2KΩ

net weight 252.6G±15g

product size 230mm*186mm*93mm


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