Pay $1 to get 2 grips!

Pay $1 to lock Super Early bird price! Why should you snag this deal now? (Ends March 7th)

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Hi Friends,

You must be the early users to know Fit Pro in the world! Lock $69 Super Early bird Price in Kickstarter and Get Additional 2 Grips Free is the way we award users like you before the Offical Kickstarter launch!

Why should you snag this deal now?

1. This deal is only valid by March 8(Tuesday), 2022

2. The retail price of Fit Pro is $129, and 1 pair of grips is $9.9,  You save a huge $79 to lock Super Early bird price and get a pair of grips free! 

3. You can only enjoy this special price for getting one Mouse!!!

Buy Now:


1. The default grip color of Black Fit Pro in Shadow Black, the default grip color of White Fit Pro is Transparent

White Fit Pro Package White Fit Pro Package

We suggest you choose grip colors from Jade Green, Glacier Blue, Coral Orange, Smoky Grey, Lavender Purple. If you already ordered, don't worry, just email to change your grip color

2. 1 pair of grips will be in the same color, $1 does not include the shipping fee

3. The grips will be shipped together with the mouse you backed on Kickstarter

The mouse will go live on Kickstarter on March 8th, the grip you ordered will be shipped only when you place an order on Kickstarter. The shipping time is in April.

4. Refund $1 any time
You are able to cancel this order anytime before you place an order on Kickstarter.

Buy Now:

Always updating...

Any other questions? just comments below, we will reply to you 1 business day.


Update March 4th:

We will record a video about how to pledge and post it later. Due to different time zones, we may not reply to your message right away. Please be patient!


Update March 7th:


To All Power Users

How to pledge Power User Exclusive Pack?

1. Go to the Power User Exclusive reward level and manually increase the pledge amount into a number equal to the sum of Super Early Bird Price($68)2. Then DM us and provide us with your reservation email for verification!

Who is a Power user?

Power user are people who paid the $1 deposit at the Marvo website to reserve the Super Early Bird Reward during our pre-launch.

What should you be aware?

1. You can only enjoy this special price for getting one mouse!
2. The color of the mouse and a pair grip will be collected by a post-campaign survey, the shipping fee is also charged through the campaign survey.

Attention: This way is only eligible for power s. If you did not reserve for the Super Early Bird Reward, you will not be able to finish your survey.

Marvo Z

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