Marvo Z


The Marvo Z Fit Pro was designed to be easily customized to match your gaming setup, play style, and personal preferences.

No Tool Required


Fit All Your Need

Fit for Work

Fit for Gaming

Fit for Entertainment

Hands-on Review From Youtubers

Mouse Modular Marvo Z Fit Pro Wireless - Proposta interessante

My only conclusion is that the mouse is good in terms of quality.

This Mouse is FULLY CUSTOMISABLE! - Marvo Z Fit Pro Review

"It is able to customize your mouse without any tools and it’s easy to customize and basically feed your needs."

Coolest Customizable Gaming Mouse!

"If you’ve ever wanted to customize your mouse in a fully modular shell design if you require a high-speed optical sensor,so this is a good mouse for you!"

Fit Grips

7 Colors, 7 Chooses

1 Pair of Grips

1 pair of grips will be in the same color Free Shipping if buy it with a mouse.
$15.00 $9.90
Color* Shadow Black

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Comments from Online Questionnaire


The design is really unique


It is good, i like also the design which is sleek probably would fit in my hands and this will be good for both gaming and office.

I like semi-transparent casing design


it looked interesting because of the material used in back of the shell of the mouse, I don't think I've seen any other mouse brands do that before and I kinda like it.

Looks clean and aesthetic


looks very sleek with nice décor. And even without trying it, I would still say that it looks like a high quality build. Plus the lighting design is a nice touch


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